24-year-old girl arrested from Salman Khan’s farm house, stirs uproar for marrying actor

Salman Khan: Bollywood actor Salman Khan is constantly in the news these days. The madness of fans about Salman Khan is worth watching. Even though Salman is not married today, millions of girls dream of making him their own. One such crazy fan of Salman reached his Panvel farm house with a wish to marry him. Where he created a huge uproar. The matter reached such a point that the police had to arrest the female fan.

Fan arrived at his farm house to marry Salman

In fact, Salman Khan owns a palatial farm house in Panvel near Mumbai. Where Salman is often seen spending time alone or with family. Along with this form, Salman has also posted his photos and videos on social media many times. Recently a girl reached her farm house in such condition. The 24-year-old girl is a big fan of Salman Khan and reached his farm house with the desire to marry him. He created a huge uproar in the farm house. Let us tell you that after his arrest, the police took him to an NGO called Social and Evangelical Association for Love for counselling. Where she stated that she traveled alone from Delhi to Navi Mumbai.

Anil Kapoor will take charge of Bigg Boss in place of Salman

Let us tell you that this time Salman Khan is not hosting his famous reality show Bigg Boss OTT. This time Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor will be seen taking Salman’s place. Recently, a new promo of Bigg Boss OTT has been released, in which Anil Kapoor was seen. As for the contestants, many names have already come up to be a part of the show. No name has been confirmed yet.

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