A man jumped from a theater balcony to copy a scene from Amitabh’s film, narrowly escaped, do you know the name of the film?

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What work sells in Bollywood. Here in every era come the kings of acting and rule the hearts of the people. But if we talk about megastar Amitabh Bachchan, he is the only star who has been ruling Bollywood for decades. From the first superhit film Zanjeer till now, Amitabh has single-handedly ruled Bollywood and his fans are praising his every performance. Let us tell you that there was a film of Amitabh in which his fans jumped from the balcony. Know the interesting story.

Amitabh’s comeback film came in 1989

We are talking about Amitabh Bachchan’s 1989 film Main Azad Hoonni. Amitabh is said to have made a comeback with this film after becoming disillusioned with politics and the film was a huge hit. The song from the film Itne Baju Itne Sir… became very popular. In this film too, Amitabh became an angry young man as per his image. The film had veteran actors like Shabana Azmi, Anupam Kher, Anu Kapoor and Avtar Gill along with Amitabh. The director of the film was Tinu Anand. The story of the film was inspired by the Hollywood film Meet John Doty and was written by Javed Akhtar. It is said that there was tension between Tinu Anand and Javed Akhtar over his title. Earlier his name was Sach. Then the Mahatma was hired but Tinu was not satisfied with this either. After this it was named Satyam and finally everyone agreed on the name Main Azad Hoon.

Main Azad Hoon Full Movie

Seeing Amitabh, the fan jumped from the roof

Look at the craze of Amitabh’s comeback when a fan of Amitabh jumped from the balcony of the theater imitating his performance immediately after watching the film when it was released in Kolkata. Although the fan survived, security was tightened at the cinemas after this. Let us tell you that in the death scene of Amitabh in this film, he jumps from the roof. That’s why this fan jumped from the roof for Amitabh.

Interesting story

Another interesting thing about this film is that the director needed a crowd of around 50 thousand people for the shooting in Rajkot. It was necessary to do this for the climax but the makers were reluctant to bring in so many people. Then Amitabh said that give an advertisement in the newspaper that Amitabh Bachchan is meeting people in Rajkot Cricket Stadium. After seeing this advertisement in the newspaper, more than fifty thousand people reached there and then on their recommendation, Amitabh had to sing the title song of the film there. It was here that the climax was shot and the crowd even sang a duet with Amitabh.

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