Aarti Singh behaved this way with her husband Deepak in front of her brother, seeing this people got angry and said- dude, at least have some value.

Aarti Singh Video: Comedian and actor Krishna Abhishek’s sister and actress Aarti Singh recently got married. Aarti has dated businessman Deepak Chauhan seven times on 25 April 2024. All the stars from TV to Bollywood attended Aarti’s wedding. Aarti’s maternal uncle i.e. Govinda attends the wedding forgetting all old matters and blesses the new couple. Many pictures and videos of the wedding went viral on the internet. Meanwhile, now a video of Aarti with her husband is going viral, seeing which people are trolling her a lot.

Aarti was seen having fun in the pool with her husband

Aarti Singh is currently enjoying her married life to the fullest. Aarti has posted a latest video on her Instagram account. In this video, Aarti is seen having fun in the swimming pool with her husband Deepak Chauhan, brother Krishna Abhishek and sister-in-law Kashmira Shah. Aarti is seen wearing a purple colored bikini. During this time Aarti is seen in a completely romantic mood with her husband. Sometimes she is seen playing ball in the pool and sometimes sitting on her husband’s shoulder having fun. At one point in the video, she is also seen posing with her brother and others.

People got angry after seeing Aarti’s actions.

This video of Aarti is fast becoming viral on the internet. People are seen giving their response by commenting on this video. On one hand, many users are praising the pair of Aarti and Deepak. On the other hand, many people are trolling her heavily for doing such a thing in front of her brother. One user commented, ‘How can a sister wear such clothes in front of her real brother?’ Another wrote, ‘How can a sister wear such clothes in front of her brother… have some manners dude… we are Indians.’ A third writes, ‘How can any sister wear such a dress and romance her husband in front of her brother?’ There are many other such comments on this video.

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