Ada Sharma starts living in Sushant’s house, changes the interior, builds a big temple, completely whitewashes the walls.

Mumbai. For the past few months, speculations have been rife that Ada Sharma will shift to late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s Mumbai apartment. Recently, Ada weighed in on these speculations and confirmed that she shifted into the house only 4 months ago. She says she was busy promoting ‘The Kerala Story’ and ‘The Buxar Story’. After this he spent a few days at the Mathura Elephant Sanctuary. Ada said that now she feels completely at home in her new apartment.

Ada Sharma told Bombay Times in an interview that some people tried to stop her from shifting to this apartment in Bandra. She said, “I shifted to a flat in Mont Blanc Apartments in Bandra just four months ago. Recently I got some time and finally started living here.

Ada Sharma further said, “I have lived in the same house in Pali Hill all my life and this is the first time I am moving out. This place gives me positive vibes. In Kerala and Mumbai our houses are surrounded by trees and we used to feed birds and squirrels. So, I wanted a house with a view and enough space to feed the birds.”

Ada Sharma said that many people upset her but she remained firm on her decision. Ada has rented this apartment for 5 years. Ada is transforming her new flat into a unique lifestyle. He painted the whole flat white. According to reports, he has converted the lower portion into a temple. Upstairs, one room has been converted into a music room, another into a dance studio and the terrace into a lush garden.

Ada has very little furniture in the house. Their lifestyle consists of sleeping and eating on the ground. In August 2023, Ada started the process of renting this apartment. According to the report, this flat was taken by Sushant Singh Rajput on a monthly rent of Rs 4.5 lakh in December 2019.

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