Akshay Kumar’s Net Worth of Rs 742 Crore Shocks Fans, Apart from Films, He Earns Crores From All These – Know

Bollywood sportsman Akshay Kumar has traveled from the bottom to the top in Bollywood. Today he is counted among the most expensive actors, his fee per film will shock you. Actors top the list of highest tax payers. Khiladi Kumar pays so much tax that many times the Income Tax Department has issued a certificate to the actor himself. But do you know how much Akshay earns annually from films, advertisements and investments? Let us tell you.

Akshay Kumar Net Worth

Akshay Kumar made his Bollywood debut with the 1991 film Saugandh. In these 33 years, the actor has done more than 100 films. Due to these films, the actors have been able to create their own distinct identity amid the clamor of familyism in the industry today. According to Lifestyle Asia, Akshay Kumar’s net worth is around Rs 742 crore. The actor is counted among the most expensive actors in the film industry who charges Rs 135 crore for a film.

Brand endorsement

Akshay Kumar doesn’t earn only from films. He also has brand endorsements to earn. Actors release 4 to 5 films in a year. Apart from this he owns many brands. He earns up to Rs 6 crore from each brand. Apart from this, the actor has a company called Hari Om Entertainment.

A luxury bungalow

Akshay Kumar also invests in real estate. The actor owns a lavish sea house located in Juhu, Mumbai. This luxurious bungalow has home theater, walk-in closet, garden grounds, expensive art design. The cost of a house like this palace is around 80 crore rupees. The actor also owns a stylish apartment, which is spread over 1,878 square feet and is worth Rs 7.8 crore. He has a villa worth Rs 5 crore in Goa. This is the place where artists come to spend holidays with their families.

Automobile and Business

Akshay Kumar has a distinct love for automobiles. He has Hot Wheels priced at Rs. 8.99 to Rs. 10.48 crore is between. Lifestyle Asia has also stated in its report that Khiladi Kumar owns a luxurious jet worth Rs 260 crore. Apart from this, he is also active in business.

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