Ali’s reply to the person who trolled him by calling him ‘Mullah’ on the election result tweet – Country is your father…

A tweet of TV actor Ali Goni on the results of the Lok Sabha elections is in discussion. In this he expressed his thoughts on the initial attitude. A person tried to troll Ali by writing ‘Mullah’ in his comment section. Ali has responded to the troll. Many comments of people are being seen on this.

Ali replied

Ali Goni is active on social media. He also gives his opinion on many current affairs. One of his recent tweets on the election results is in the news for which a person trolled him. Ali wrote that both have crossed the 200 mark, this time there will be a clash. Best wishes to our country whoever wins, Jai Hind. On this the troll wrote, Hey Mullah, why are you looking so happy? Ali replied, why is the country your father’s and only you can be happy? Whoever you are, faceless brother or sister.

Comments of Ali’s followers

In fact, the commenter’s Twitter handle is Bazinga. In his bio he wrote himself as a girl and did not even put his real photo. A follower of Ali has written on it, this is a tough brother. There is one comment, Ali is right, this time the Prime Minister’s chair will not be as comfortable as before.

Kangana’s victory

The counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections is going on from 8 am. Kangana Ranaut has won from the entertainment industry. Many people including Anupam Kher, Mahima Chaudhary are wishing and congratulating him.

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