Anupama June 3: Anupama will catch the Vanraj-Toshu trick, Anuj will see Gulati with Rahul.

Anupama 3 June 2024 Episode Written Update: The Monday episode of TV serial Anupama will start with a heated debate between Vanraj Shah and Anupama K Bij. While Vanraj Shah would take a lot of taunts over his ex-wife’s defeat and try to humiliate her by breaking her courage, Anupama on the other hand won’t shy away from replying. Both will use arrows of words and finally Vanraj Shah will call Anupama home. Leela will try to stop him but Vanraj never listens to anyone before him.

Anupama will face humiliation again

On the other hand, in America Yashdeep will regret with his mother that he has broken the heart of his partner and his love. BJ will advise him to call and apologize to Anupama, but Yashdeep will not call, thinking that Anupama will be at Yashdeep’s house now. On the other hand, children in India will be very happy that their grandmother is back. Bapuji, Dimpy, Kavya and Kinjal will also be very happy to meet Anupama. But Leela will turn away and leave. Pakhi and Toshu also won’t express their feelings to their mother and ignore her and go away.

Vanraj Shah will poison Ansh’s mind

While Anupama is making chocolates for the kids, Vanraj Shah will take the opportunity to tell Ansh about what happened at Anu’s restaurant in America. When Anupama feeds chocolate to all the children, Ansh comes and throws the chocolate and says that there are insects in their food. Pakhi will not allow her daughter to eat chocolate. Toshu will also refuse his daughter but Kinjal will stop him. He will ask his daughter to eat that chocolate. Kavya will ask her daughter to eat chocolate too.

Anupama caught Vanraj-Toshu’s trick

Even Ishani and Ansh can’t stop adults and children eating chocolates with such gusto. They will also ask for chocolate and Vanraj Shah and Toshu will be stunned. Anupama will go and tell Mr. Shah and Junior Mr. Shah that from today they can say whatever they want, there is no need to poison children’s minds. On the other hand, such an incident will happen in America, which makes Anuj Kapadia start to suspect that none other than businessman Gulati is behind the conspiracy that happened with Anupama.

Anuj will be seen with Gulati and Rahul

In fact, before leaving for India, Anuj Kapadia would meet Spice and Chutney staff and lend them some money to help them through tough times. While going there, he narrowly misses a speeding vehicle. Gulati will get down from the car and start dominating Anuj. Anuj will teach him a good lesson too. Before things escalate between the two, Spice and Chutney waiter Rahul comes out of the car dressed in expensive clothes and calms things down. Gulati will say that out of pity for the staff, he hired Rahul in his place.

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