Anupama June 4: Shruti will be shocked by Anuj’s question, Yashdeep and Bji will reach Shah’s house.

Anupama 4 June 2024 Written Update: TV serial Anupama 4 June 2024 episode has been released on OTT platform Disney plus Hotstar. The show will be telecast on Tuesday at 10 PM. In today’s episode of the show, you will see that whenever Anupama tries to get things right and fix the wedding rituals, Vanraj Shah and Leela try to stop her. They will say that if you are a guest in the house, then live like a guest. Don’t try to interfere with things here. Leela will indirectly taunt Anupama and ask her not to enlighten her about rituals.

Anu will foil Vanraj’s trick

When Vanraj Shah is talking to someone on the phone, Anupama listens to him. He will understand whether Vanraj Shah is planning to create drama in Titu’s marriage or not. Because earlier also he had opposed Dimple’s marriage many times. On the other hand, in America, Anuj Kapadia will convince Adhya to wear a lehenga made from his mother’s saree. The meeting with Gulati and Rahul, the owner of the ‘Kebab and Curry’ restaurant, is constantly on Anuj Kapadia’s mind.

Shruti will get scared on Gulati’s question

Anuj must remember that Shruti also went to that restaurant on some occasions. When Anuj Kapadia asks his fiancee about this, she gets shocked. He will say what we have to do with that restaurant and its owner. In India, Anupama catches a glimpse of her son Samar in Titu and asks her to call him her mom from now on. During the ritual, Anupama will feel Vanraj Shah’s attitude and Titu’s nervousness. During the ritual planned for Ansh, Vanraj Shah gets angry when he gets up from Ansh’s lap and sits on Anupama’s lap. This will happen because Anupama will be talking to Ansh according to her mind.

Yashdeep and another will reach the Shah residence

BJ will be upset seeing Yashdeep drinking again in America and asks him how long this will last. He will advise his son to call Anupama and apologize to him. Yashdeep will then start thinking and say what if he doesn’t pick up my phone or forgive me? Then another will suggest to him that we have also received the wedding invitation. Why don’t we go to India, that way we will visit our country and you will also meet Anupama. What will happen next? Stay tuned to Live Hindustan to know.

Vanraj will bring Titu’s girlfriend to the wedding, Anupama will hear Mr. Shah’s plan

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