BJP down from 272 in election trend, PSU companies in bad shape, prices down 14%

Nifty PSE Index: The results of the country’s general elections are coming today. In early trends, the BJP’s position appears to be in contrast to the exit polls. Other opposition parties including the Congress are in a strong position. However, at 10.40 am, the BJP-led NDA has managed to cross the mark of 290. The effect of the trend is also being seen on the stock market. The Nifty PSE index has seen a decline of up to 9 percent.

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Shares fell 14%

All stocks of Nifty PSE index are currently trending downwards. Shares of BEL, BHEL have seen a decline of 10 percent. At the same time, the price of RECL Ltd has fallen by over 14 percent. A 10 percent reduction in PFCs has been reported.

Contrasting exit poll results

Earlier on Monday, the PSE index had seen an increase of 8 percent. All exit polls on June 1 claimed that the BJP was forming the government. And NDA will get a huge mandate. But there is a cutthroat competition between all the trends that have come so far.

These companies gave strong returns in two years

During Modi 2.0, investors in PSU companies reaped huge profits. During the year 2023, the PSE index saw a growth of 80 percent. At the same time, till Monday in 2024, this index managed to grow by 43 percent. But today the election trends have worsened the situation.

Most of the brokerage houses were predicting the return of the Modi government based on the exit poll results. In such a situation, he expressed hope that there will be no change in the policy of the present government. Due to which government companies were expected to benefit.

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