Bobby Deol was not happy with Hema Malini and Dharmendra’s marriage, he rebelled against his father and started doing such things.

When Bobby Deol got angry with father Dharmendra

New Delhi:

They were married when Hema Malini entered superstar Dharmendra’s life. He is not only married but also has two sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. He was living a happy life with his family. At the same time, Hema Malini, who came to Bollywood as a dream girl, became a reality in Dharmendra’s life. Dharmendra wanted to get Hema Malini at any cost. In this desire, he probably also forgot that this might affect his own family. Their relationship had the biggest impact on Dharmendra’s younger son Bobby Deol, who at the time took a rebellious stance.

He was angry with his father

Bobby Deol himself spoke openly about his rebellious attitude. Bollywood Life quoted an old interview of Bobby Deol saying that Bobby Deol was greatly influenced by his father’s second marriage. Bobby Deol was young at the time of Dharmendra’s second marriage. But he started resenting it after a few years. He said that she is getting older and has entered adolescence. He went to a disco for the first time at the age of 18. Then he will start behaving like a rebel. Whatever his parents would explain to him, he would ignore it. In this interview, Bobby Deol said that at that time his relationship with his father was going through its worst phase.

This age saw father’s second marriage

When Dharmendra remarried Hema Malini, their younger son Bobby Deol was only 11 years old. This incident is from the year 1980. After this marriage, Dharmendra’s two sons Sunny and Bobby Deol kept a distance from Hema Malini’s family for many years. He never met his step-sisters Isha and Ahana. However, now the ice on the relationship has melted.

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