CCSU: Regular graduation approved more than once, private degrees also declared valid

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Chaudhary Charan Singh University has given green light to regular graduate students more than once in six districts of Meerut division. Hitherto, once students graduated in regular degree, they could not take admission in graduation again in regular mode. The university has also recognized private degrees at its level. This decision of the university may be presented in response to queries raised on recognition of degrees in private mode in various government institutions. So far the university had not informed the students in writing about the recognition of UG-PG degrees offered by it.

One can do regular degree in the university one after the other, so far there was no system of doing regular degree once in graduation and then taking admission in regular degree in graduation itself. A student who has done BA in regular mode and is eligible cannot re-admit to B.Sc or B.Com even if he wants to. The only option for students to re-graduate was the private mode. This will not happen now. The university has abolished this obligation in the recently held academic council meeting. According to Registrar Dhirendra Verma, if a student has obtained a degree in regular mode once in graduation and wants to complete it or take admission again in regular mode in another subject after a few years, he can do so. That is, once a student does BA regular, he can also do BCom in regular if he is eligible.

The university accepted the private degree as valid
CCSU has recognized BA, B.Com, MA-M.Com running in private mode as valid. In the Academic Council, the university said it had the right to start or design a new course. UGC has granted autonomy to the university. In such a situation, whatever private degree is being taken is within the jurisdiction of the university and as per the rules. According to the university, students can present this decision in departments where questions are asked on the validity of private degrees.

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