Celebs Brutly Trolled: Imran Khan, unemployed for years, bought a bungalow on the hill, people said- ‘Where did he earn so much money?’

Mumbai. Imran Khan recently bought a new house. He has also given a glimpse of this to his fans through his official social media account. Imran has claimed that he designed this house himself. In a lengthy post, Imran revealed that he has been building this house for several years, from choosing his site to working with his contractor and structural engineer on the structure and interior design of his house. However, after staying away from the industry for so many years, people could not understand where he was earning money from.

Imran Khan is being trolled for asking how the actor who has not worked for years got so much money that he bought a house. One user wrote, “Where did you get the money?” One quipped, “This man went underground to build his empire. ,

Imran Khan’s post.

“I worked in a few films in the mid-2000s,” wrote Imran Khan, replying to one user. Fans were also seen appreciating her answer. Meanwhile, Imran wrote about his house, “So… One of the things I did in the last few years was build a house. Although I have played the role of an architect in a few films, I cannot pretend to have any training or specialization in real life…”

Imran Khan further wrote, “But I enjoy making things and learning! I chose this location because it was unique. Uneven, surrounded by two seasons, right behind a mountain… and the sunset is visible from here. The intention was not to build a luxury vacation villa, but to build something that would learn from this place. A home does not mean a view, it is a place from which views can be appreciated.”

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