Chanakya exit polls: Chanakya exit polls are shocking in every election, how many seats are giving to BJP, will everyone be surprised this time too?

New Delhi:

News 24- Today’s Chanakya exit poll is once again in the news as the seventh phase of the Lok Sabha elections comes to an end. Let us tell you that along with Chanakya, many other news agencies have also announced their exit polls. This time the Modi government is going to return again in the polls of various news channels and agencies. According to different exit polls, NDA is said to get 290 to 360 seats this time. While India Alliance is expected to get 120 to 160 seats. Now if we talk about Chanakya’s exit poll, according to it the return of NDA government is certain.

According to today’s Chanakya exit poll, BJP is likely to get 335 seats. Also NDA can get more than 400 seats. Also Congress is hoping to get 50 seats. At the same time, India Alliance can get 107 seats and others 36 seats.

BJP will lose seats in Delhi

According to Chanakya’s exit poll, BJP seems to be losing seats in Delhi. According to Chanakya exit poll, BJP is getting six out of seven seats in Delhi. While there is a possibility of loss of one seat.

BJP has got 16 seats in Odisha

According to the Chanakya exit poll, this time BJB is performing better than ever in Odisha as well. This time BJP is expected to get 16 out of 21 seats in the state. While BJP is expected to get 4 seats and India Alliance 1 seat.

NDA hopes to get 12 seats in Jharkhand

According to the Chanakya exit poll, BJP is going to get 12 out of 14 seats in Jharkhand this time. According to this exit poll, India Alliance seems to be winning two seats in the state.

Saffron will wave again in Madhya Pradesh

In Chanakya’s poll, BJP seems to get all 29 out of 29 seats in MP. According to Chanakya, the India Alliance does not hope to get a single seat here this time.

In Haryana too, BJP fears loss

Talking about Haryana, according to the Chanakya exit poll, the BJP is losing here. According to this poll, out of 10 exit poll seats, BJP is expected to get 6 seats. While Congress is likely to win four seats here.

All 26 seats of Gujarat are in BJP’s account.

Chanakya has said in his exit poll that all the seats in Gujarat seem to be going to BJP’s account. BJP is going to capture all 26 seats here in this poll.

Total State Seats NDA-BJP Bharat

Delhi 7 6 1
Jharkhand 14 12 2
Madhya Pradesh 29 29 0
Haryana 10 6 4
Gujarat 26 26 0
Maharashtra 48 33 15
Rajasthan 25 22 2
West Bengal 42 24 17(TMC)

NDA has won 33 seats in Maharashtra

According to this exit poll NDA seems to get 35 seats in Maharashtra. While India Alliance can get 15 seats in its account.

BJP may lose seats in Rajasthan

According to exit polls, BJP is expected to get 22 out of 25 seats in Rajasthan. While India Alliance can get two seats here.

BJP will benefit in West Bengal

According to the exit poll, BJP is seeing a big advantage in this election in West Bengal. BJP got 18 seats here in the last election, but this time BJP is hoping to get 24 seats here. While TMC can get 17 seats.

Chanakya’s prophecy has come true before

He sensed the Modi wave of 2014 very accurately. Chanakya predicted 340 seats for the NDA in those elections, while on the other hand he predicted only 70 seats for the UPA. When the results came in, the NDA won 336 seats and the UPA 66. Chanakya had predicted 31 seats for the Aam Aadmi Party in the Delhi Assembly and when the results were in, the AAP got a total of 28 seats. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Chanakya had said that the NDA would elect 336-364 MPs. On the other hand, 86-104 seats were estimated for UPA. When the election results came in, the NDA won 353 seats and the UPA 91.

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