Controversy in cigarette manufacturing company, businessman’s son made serious allegations against mother, focus will be on shares tomorrow

Shares of cigarette maker Godfrey Phillips India (Godfrey Phillips India Ltd Shares) may remain in focus on Monday. Indeed, there is an internal dispute going on in the company. Godfrey Phillips India executive director Sameer Modi has accused his mother Bina Modi of physically assaulting him during the company’s board meeting earlier this week.

What is the charge?

Sameer Modi has alleged in a complaint lodged with the Delhi Police that his mother Bina Modi’s PSO (security personnel) prevented him from attending a board meeting of Godfrey Phillips India (GPI) on May 30 and assaulted him.

“This attack was done out of greed and to deprive me of my rights, my inheritance and kill me or compromise my terms,” ​​he said in the three-page complaint. Legal proceedings. Modi said, “My mother and Bhasin had planned the attack and other sitting members of the board were in favor of the attackers. Please ensure strict action.”

This power share could fall to ₹245, experts warn, say – sell it

He also claimed that CCTV footage of the attack was available and should be seized immediately before it is destroyed. An email sent to Godfrey Phillips India seeking comment on the matter did not receive a response at this time. Members of the KK Modi family currently have their Rs. 11,000 crore business empire is embroiled in a legal battle.

During the election season, investors pounced on stocks at ₹4, looted to buy, the price rose 274%.

Stock status

Last Friday, shares of Godfrey Phillips India rose 3% to Rs. 3,950 was closed. The stock is up 90% so far this year. The stock has gained 131% in one year. Its maximum return is 5,266.85%. In the long run, this share is worth Rs. 73 (closing price on January 1, 1999) to reach the current price.

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