First Super Over of T20 World Cup 2024, Breathless, Full Thrill – Video

Namibia vs Oman Super Over Highlights: In the third match of T20 World Cup 2024 (T20 World Cup 2204). Namibia has Created a stir by defeating Oman in the Super Over (Namibia vs Oman Super Over). Indeed, the match was decided by a super over. In this match, Oman batted first and scored 109 runs, after which the Namibian team could only score 109 runs for 6 wickets in 20 overs. Due to which the match was decided in a super over, which the Namibian team managed to win in the end. The hero of the win for Namibia was David Weiss who batted and bowled in the super over to lead his team to a resounding victory. David Weiss actually batted for Namibia and scored 13 runs.

Besides Weiss, Gerhard Erasmus also batted in the Super Over. Gerhard Erasmus faced the last 2 balls during the Super Over. Erasmus hit two fours off the last two balls to take the team’s score to 21 runs. At the same time, when Oman’s batsmen came to bat in the super over, their batsmen managed to score only 10 runs. In this way the Namibian team was able to win this match in the Super Over. Let us tell you that this is only the third time in the history of the T20 World Cup that the result of the match has come from the Super Over.

Earlier in the year 2012, the match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka was decided by the Super Over, in which the Sri Lankan team managed to win the match in the Super Over. At the same time, in the 2012 T-20 World Cup, another Super Over was played between West Indies and New Zealand in which West Indies won. Now for the third time, the match between Oman and Namibia was decided by a super over in which Namibia won. (List of super overs in T20 World Cup history). Apart from all this, in 2007 there was a tie between India and Pakistan which was decided by a ball out.

It was such an absolute thrill

Namibia batted first in the Super Over. Namibia scored 21 runs in 6 balls. In which David Weiss and Gerhard Erasmus beat the bowlers of Oman by playing brilliantly. The onus was on Bilal Khan to bowl the super over for Oman.

first ball – Four (4) of David Weiss
second ball- David Weiss hits a six (6)
Third ball- David Vees took two runs (2), now Namibia were 12 runs from three balls.
4th ball – David Weiss takes one run (1)

Now the strike was with Gerhard Erasmus. Two balls were left. Oman’s bowler had wrinkles on his face.

Fifth Ball – Gerhard Erasmus hits fours (4)
Sixth Ball- Gerhard Erasmus hits fours (4)

That means Namibia scored 21 runs in 6 balls. Oman now needed 22 runs to win in the super over. David Weiss and Gerhard Erasmus batted brilliantly against Bilal Khan and gave the fans ample opportunity to dance.

Now it was Oman’s turn, he had to score 22 runs in 6 balls. David Vees took over the bowling for Namibia. Naseem Khushi and Zeeshan Maqsood batted for Oman.

Oman’s innings in the Super Over

first ball- Naseem Khushi takes two runs off the first ball (2)

second ball- Naseem Khushi could not score any runs. The fans’ heart rate went up. (0)

3rd ball- David Wees bowled Naseem Khushi to give the Namibian fans a chance to dance. Now Oman’s captain Aqib Ilyas came to bat.

4th ball- Aqib Ilyas takes a run and gives strike to Zeeshan Maqsood. (1)

So far, Oman scored 3 runs for the loss of one wicket in 4 balls. Oman was on the brink of defeat.
5th ball- Zeeshan Maqsood could only score one run. (1)

Sixth Ball- Aqib Ilyas hits a six (6)

Oman scored only 10 runs in the super over and thus the Namibian team managed to win the match in the super over. David Wiese was awarded the player of the match for his all-round performance.

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