GHKKPM 03 Jun: Psycho Patil will play another trick with the help of goons, Savi-Ishan clash

In Khum Hai Kisi Kisi Pyaar Mein you will see Ishaan going to meet Savi. Will ask him to make tea. He will say that he did not drink tea. Ishaan will say that he has started doing many things which he didn’t do before like coming to meet her. Patil will reach there by then. Ishaan will ask Savi that he heard that she is getting married. He should pay attention to studies. Savi will say by what right does she say that he is not her husband. Ishaan will stop saying that he loves her.

Ishaan will throw Savi’s tea

Hiding his words, Ishaan says that he is his professor so he cares for him. Savi will say that he will decide his own life. There will be a brawl between the two. Savi will say that relationship is coming, he is single, beautiful, so when he has to get married he will do it. Savi will ask Ishaan not to fall into her affair. Ishaan angrily throws Savi’s tea and asks her to add the bill to his account.

Patil will beat the boy

Patil will get irritated and wonder how many people are watching his wife. I want to know who sent the relation for it. He will try to spit out Shuklaji. Shuklaji will say the name of a boy who will come to meet Savi. Patil will kidnap the boy and beat him badly. The boy’s mother will come to argue with Savi that he refused then why did he beat the boy. The police will take Savi to the police station for questioning. Then Patil, to be nice to Savi, will say that Savi is decent.

Savi will fight with Ishaan

Patil will trap Ishaan in this matter. He will tell Savi that Ishaan was killed by Abhijeet. Savi will be stunned. Will say that Isha gave betel nut to kill Abhijit. Savi will not be ready to accept. He will meet the goons to give false testimony against Savi. Savi will go and fight with Ishaan. Ishaan will fight with Bhanwar Patil that he planned all this. Ishaan will drive and everyone’s thoughts will be in his mind.

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