Haryanvi singer Raju Punjabi’s latest song has created a buzz, with people openly dancing to the beat.

Haryanvi singer Raju Punjabi’s latest song ‘Demand’ is streaming on YouTube. This song, which was released five days ago, is getting a lot of love from people. People are freely dancing to the beat of this song written and sung by Raju Punjabi. Not only this, they are also praising him by commenting on YouTube.

Raju’s last song was filmed on this

Along with Raju Punjabi, Jyoti Jia has also sung this song. The music video is shot on Garima Singh and Mohit Kumar. It is directed by Sam CJ. To watch this music video based on Raju Punjabi song Click on this link,

How did Raju Punjabi die?

Let us tell you that Raju Punjabi died last year at the age of 40. Raju’s death shocked his fans. According to India TV News, Raju had been admitted to a hospital in Hisar, Haryana for some time and was being treated for jaundice. When his health improved he was brought home, but after a while his health again deteriorated and he left this world forever.

Raju Punjabi has worked with Sapna Chaudhary

Raju is known for Punjabi songs like ‘Acha Lage Se’, ‘Desi Desi’, ‘Tu Cheez Lajawab’, ‘Last Peg’ and ‘Bhang Mere Yara Ne’. He also worked on a project with Sapna Chaudhary.

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