How many super overs have been played in the T20 World Cup so far? India made history

New Delhi. The excitement of the ICC T20 World Cup hosted by America and West Indies has reached its peak. The fans were gifted with a super over on the second day of the tournament. The match played between Namibia and Oman on Monday was tied on the last ball and the result was decided by a super over. Do you know how many super overs have been played so far in the history of T20 World Cup and between which two teams this has happened for the first time.

A very exciting match was played in the ICC T20 World Cup on Monday, June 3. The Namibian team defeated the Omani team by just 109 runs. Ruben Trumpelman took a wicket off the first two balls to put Oman on the backfoot. The team that came to defend the target bowled brilliantly and managed to restrict Namibia to 109 runs and the match reached the super over. Namibia scored 21 runs and restricted Oman to 10 runs.

How many super overs have been played so far?
Only 3 times in ICC T20 World Cup so far, a match has been decided by super over. The first Super Over in the history of the tournament was played between India and Pakistan. In the 2007 T20 World Cup, Team India scored 141 runs batting first and managed to restrict the Pakistan team to this score. At that time tied matches were decided by balls out instead of super overs. India defeated Pakistan 3-0.

The Super Over was played for the second time in the T20 World Cup in 2012. The match was tied between Sri Lanka and New Zealand team. After scoring 174 runs, the Kiwi team stopped the Lankan Army on the same score. After scoring 17 runs in the super over, Sri Lanka allowed New Zealand to score only 7 runs. In the same season, the New Zealand team tied the match with the West Indies. Here too he was defeated. Windies team scored 19 runs in super over and Kiwi team could score only 17 runs.

First published: June 3, 2024, 10:02 IST

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