‘I don’t understand your dance, reduce your Bharatnatyam’, when Rishi Kapoor told this top actress

New Delhi:

Rishi Kapoor was an actor who not only won the hearts of people with his acting and dancing but also with his cheerful and versatile style. He was also very comfortable with his co-stars and friends. Similar was the relationship between Rishi Kapoor and Meenakshi Seshadri. Both have worked together in many films. Rishi and Meenakshi made a splash in films like ‘Damini’, ‘Bade Ghar Ki Beti’, ‘Ghar Parivar’, ‘Gharana’, ‘Vijay’ and ‘Saadhana’. Their friendship was such that Meenakshi did not feel bad even if Rishi said anything. Rishi had once said something similar about Meenakshi’s dance.

I don’t understand your dance

Meenakshi Seshadri recently said on Zoom that Rishi Kapoor once said something about her dance which was very shocking. Rishi Kapoor was actually very funny and never missed cracking jokes with his co-stars. Once he told Meenakshi, ‘Sometimes I don’t understand your dance. Reduce your Bharatanatyam.

Talks of friendship with Rishi

Meenakshi Seshadri also said in this interview that she was most comfortable with Rishi Kapoor. He also helped the actress create an account on Twitter. Meenakshi said, ‘When I started my Twitter account, I asked Rishi to help me and give me some of his followers and he agreed. He never asked questions and never made any excuses. I am grateful to them.

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