Israel gave a jaw-dropping response to the Maldives, asking its citizens to visit Lakshadweep

Tel Aviv. Israel has given a jaw-dropping response to Maldives. After the Maldivian government announced a ban on Israelis in the Indian Ocean archipelago, the Israeli embassy in India on Monday asked its citizens to visit Indian beaches instead of visiting the Maldives. In fact, Maldivian President Mohamed Muizu has “promised to ban people with Israeli passports from entering his country”. However, the government has not said when it will come into effect.

“The Maldives no longer welcomes Israelis, there are some beautiful and wonderful Indian beaches where Israeli tourists are not only warmly welcomed, but treated with the utmost hospitality,” the Israeli embassy said in a post. “Please consider these recommendations (from the Embassy of Israel in India) based on the places visited by our diplomats.”

First published: June 3, 2024, 17:04 IST

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