Kamal Haasan star of Bharatiya 2 fame said, ‘I know a Tamilian, a Tamil knows when to be quiet and when not..’

New Delhi: Actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan recently attended the audio launch event of his upcoming film Indian 2 in Chennai on Saturday evening and also spoke about politics. Late in the night, Haasan took the mic and gave an impassioned speech on what it means to be an Indian today. The actor spoke about the age-old policy of ‘divide and rule’ and questioned why Tamils ​​should not rule the country.

After thanking the Bharatiya 2 team, the actor said, ‘The divide and rule policy used by the British will no longer work. When their strategy failed, the British had a place to fall back. If the people here do the same, they have to remember that they have no place to go back to.

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Kamal Haasan continued, ‘As far as my identity is concerned, I am a Tamil and then an Indian. This is also your identity. A Tamil knows when to keep quiet and when not to. Earlier, at one point, I said something and got into trouble. But now I don’t worry about it. As an Indian thatha, I have to be nervous, right? So, here it is… Why won’t the day come when Tamilians rule India? Just think, we made India’s first woman Prime Minister. So, we will do this too. Directed by Shankar, Indian 2 also stars Kajal Aggarwal, Rakul Preet Singh, Siddharth and others. It is slated to hit theaters this July.

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