Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 Live: The wait is over, results countdown begins for 543 Lok Sabha constituencies

Lok Sabha Election 2024 (Lok Sabha Election Results) About getting to the end of it. The counting of votes will begin in a few hours. Preparations have already been completed. After 80 days of process, the fate of 8360 candidates from 51 parties will be decided. Lok Sabha election results are coming today after polling on 543 seats in 7 phases. With this, it will be clear who will sit on the throne of the country. On one side is the NDA and on the other is the India Alliance, although exit polls once again predict the return of the Modi government. The Election Commission will start the counting of votes from 8 am. First the postal ballot will be counted and then the EVM votes will be counted. Along with the Lok Sabha elections, the results of the Andhra Pradesh and Odisha assembly elections will also be declared.

According to exit polls, Once again the Modi government is coming, but the NDA doesn’t seem to cross 400. NDTV’s ‘Poll of Exit Polls’ has revealed the essence of all exit polls. According to NDTV’s Poll of Polls assessment, NDA is likely to get 365 seats, India Alliance 146 and others 32 seats. There are total 543 seats in Lok Sabha and 272 seats are required for majority.

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