Lok Sabha Election Results: What Happened to BJP’s ‘Cross 400’ Slogan? How did the opposition stop the momentum of NDA?

New Delhi:

The trend has arrived for all 543 Lok Sabha seats. According to the Election Commission, in these trends, the BJP is leading in 240 seats, while the Congress is leading in 94 seats. It has a lead in 33 seats in Uttar Pradesh so far. If these trends are considered results, BJP’s magic seems to be running out. The slogan of ‘400 Par’ given by BJP could not be realized. The public did not give him as much importance as the BJP expected.

What a blow the results are to the BJP

These results are nothing short of a shock for the BJP, which claims that the trend has crossed 400. Statistics are showing the possibility of Narendra Modi’s government forming again. But the fight is tough. If these trends translate into results, the BJP will form the government at the Center for the third time in a row. With this Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister for the third time but before that we have to wait for the final results.

In the 2019 elections, BJP got the maximum number of seats from Uttar Pradesh. But after five years, BJP has been given a big blow in Uttar Pradesh. In UP, SP-Congress has taken a lead over BJP, almost halving the BJP’s lead in 2019.

How far is BJP from majority?

Trends show that the BJP will not be able to touch the majority mark on its own. Will have to depend on allied parties like JDU, LJP and TDP to form the government. However, the Congress-led Bharat Alliance has started exploring the possibilities of forming the government.

In this Lok Sabha election, BJP and its allies campaigned vigorously. Meanwhile, the slogan of ‘Modi’s guarantee’ was given during the election campaign, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the opposition. Tejashwi Yadav and Mukesh Sahni’s fish eating and Congress leader Sam Pitroda’s statement were made an issue. Apart from this, the Prime Minister accused the opposition of taking away reservation from Dalits and backward classes and giving it to Muslims. The opposition said that if the BJP forms the government at the center once again, the Modi government will end reservation and destroy the constitution. The opposition termed the election as an election to save the constitution. The effect of this narrative is also seen in the results of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Maharashtra.

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