Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Kangana Ranaut on the road to victory, post made before results goes viral

New Delhi. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is contesting the 2024 elections from the Mandi Lok Sabha seat and is speeding towards victory. Kangana Ranaut is leading in the Mandi seat since morning and she is ahead of her rival by 71 thousand votes. Kangana Ranaut has shared a very special post on social media before winning the Lok Sabha elections and this post is going viral fast before the election results.

Kangana has shared two pictures with her mother on social media before the counting of Lok Sabha elections. In these pictures, the actress is seen taking her mother’s blessings. On one photo, the actress writes, ‘Mother’s blessings’ and on another photo, she has written, ‘Mother is the embodiment of God’. Kangana Ranaut campaigned strongly during the Lok Sabha elections. He also shared many election campaign posts on his social media.

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