Madhavi Latha, Annamalai, K Surendran… those ‘arrows’ of BJP in the south that hit the mark.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is over, now all eyes are on the results on June 4. But before that the exit polls have shocked everyone. According to all the exit polls, the return of NDA is almost certain once again with 290 to 360 seats in the country. If the exit poll results prove to be true, then it would not be wrong to say that the doors of the south have started to open for the BJP. Be it Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka or Kerala. BJP’s performance in these states has been very good. If the exit poll results prove accurate, leaders like Madhavi Latha, K Surendran, Annamalai, Yeddyurappa’s son BY Vijayendra can be considered the heroes of BJP’s victory in these states.

According to Chanakya exit poll, BJP is getting 12 plus seats out of 17 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana. This shows that BJP’s performance in the state has been excellent. If the BJP is really capable of this charisma, the hero of its victory will be Madhvi Lata, who will take on Owaisi. Asasuddin Owaisi is expected to lose his traditional seat. BJP candidate Madhvi Lata is dominant in the Lok Sabha election campaign. He unleashed such an arrow of emotions, which probably hurt the opposition parties a lot. When she fired a signal arrow during the procession, she became famous everywhere. Madhvi Lata remained on everyone’s lips.

Madhavi Lata is a supporter of Hindutva. She came into the limelight by giving a statement on triple talaq. She supported Muslim women to abolish triple talaq and was praised by PM Modi himself. He was only mentioned when the BJP fielded him against Owaisi from Hyderabad. He organized vigorous rallies and election campaigns for the BJP. If BJP wins more than 12 seats in the state, then Madhvi Lata will be considered the hero of this victory.

Annamalai is another hero of BJP’s victory

In Tamil Nadu, which has the highest number of Lok Sabha seats in the south at 39, exit poll Chanakya predicts the BJP to win double digits, i.e. 10 seats. When it comes to the last election of 2019, BJP’s hands were empty in this southern state. BJP, which contested on five seats, did not get a single seat here. Annamalai will be credited with BJP’s victory in Tamil Nadu if the exit poll results prove true. Annamalai is the state president of BJP in Tamil Nadu. He is believed to have magical influence at the grassroots level in the state. Wherever Annamalai held rallies, huge crowds gathered. It is not difficult to estimate his popularity from this. Anna himself had claimed in the rallies that the BJP would get double digit seats in Tamil Nadu. Along with this, PM Modi also focused on Tamil Nadu. We look forward to June 4 to find out how accurate the exit poll results are.

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K Surendran is the third hero of BJP’s victory.

The BJP, which has never been able to open an account in Kerala, seems to be getting a ‘vadakam’ i.e. welcome in this Lok Sabha election, with Chanakya predicting that the BJP will get 4 out of 20 seats in Kerala. If this happens, it will be nothing less than a celebration for the BJP. This will be considered a big win for the BJP in the southern state of Kerala. The credit of this win will go to Surendra. K Surendran is the state president of BJP in Kerala. If BJP enters Kerala it will be historic. K Surendran is also contesting from Wayanad against Rahul Gandhi. He has worked hard for BJP entry in Kerala. About Rahul Gandhi, he also said that Rahul will face the same fate in Wayanad as he did in Amethi last time. K Surendran not only held election rallies for BJP’s victory in Kerala but also continued verbal attacks on other parties. He assured the people of Kerala that the BJP would do everything for them that the government there could not do.

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Vijayendra is the fourth hero of BJP’s victory

Exit polls estimate Chanakya that the NDA will win 24 of the 28 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka. If this prediction proves true, it will be a bumper victory for BJP. BJP has contested elections in the state in alliance with Deve Gowda’s JDS. Even in the last election 2019, the BJP had performed brilliantly by winning 25 seats here. The party is expected to repeat its best performance once again in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. If this happens in the election results, the credit of BJP’s victory will go to former CM Yeddyurappa’s son Vijayendra.

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Vijayendra had already made it clear that BJP would win maximum seats in Karnataka in the Lok Sabha elections and would work for BJP’s success by strengthening PM Modi’s image and brand. As bumper seats are being predicted, Vijayendra will be credited with this win.

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