Manoj Tiwari’s film stayed in theaters for 5 months, rocked the box office by collecting Rs 36 crore for Rs 30 lakh.

Manoj Tiwari’s film made him a star

New Delhi:

Bhojpuri film superstar and BJP MP Manoj Tiwari is constantly in the news. When Manoj Tiwari started his career, he was the favorite of Bhojpuri audience through his songs. Even in the world of politics, voters accepted him and made him victorious. The situation was similar even when his debut film was released. Manoj Tiwari quickly became popular in the Bhojpuri industry with his films. That too when he was competing with a popular star like Ravi Kishan. Then from his very first film, he created a tremendous impression among the Bhojpuri audience.

This was the debut film

Manoj Tiwari’s debut film was Sasura Bada Paisawala. This film was released in the year 2004. Even before the release of this film, Manoj Tiwari had made a place in the hearts of the Bhojpuri audience through his songs. At that time, there was a queue of viewers outside the theater to watch Manoj Tiwar’s film. At that time, Ravi Kishan was considered the biggest star in the world of Bhojpuri films. In such a situation, what wonder will a film with a new face do? Especially when the actor was a singer, would he be able to do wonders in acting as well? Every viewer was curious to know this.

Became a star overnight

This film made Manoj Tiwari a big star of the Bhojpuri film industry overnight. The film was made on a budget of Rs 30 lakh, but earned Rs 36 crore. more than Not only did Manoj Tiwari become a big star, actress Rani Chatterjee also became an established artist of Bhojpuri cinema. It is also said about this film that the film stayed in theaters for about 4 to 5 months and the audience kept coming to watch it.

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