MBBS will do DNB course with doctor salary, 15 lakh bond will be paid

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Government of Bihar has sanctioned 50 permanent doctors working in government hospitals to complete PG sponsored DNB course. The health department has issued this order in light of the decision taken by the state cabinet. The state government will provide full pay scale to all these doctors during their studies. For this, Health Department Deputy Secretary Shailesh Kumar on Friday ordered all concerned regional officers and civil surgeons along with other officials to verify the documents of doctors doing DNB. This course is equivalent to Post Graduate Degree after MBBS or Post Diploma.

A bond will be taken from the doctors enrolling in the DNB seat that on leaving the course after enrolment, they will have to return an amount of Rs 15 lakh and the entire salary earned during the period in one lump sum. After obtaining the degree, one will have to render five years of compulsory service under the state government. His resignation will not be accepted during this period.

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If a doctor remains unauthorized after studying at a DNB seat, he will be charged full salary interest earned during the study period and a financial penalty of Rs 15 lakh.

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