Onion made people cry again, prices increased by 50%, common man’s hardship increased.

Onion Price: Your plate of food is going to be more expensive than before. They are saying this because the price of onion has increased. An average increase of 30 percent to 50 percent has been observed in the wholesale price of onion in the Lasalgaon market of Maharashtra. The reason behind the rise in prices is believed to be the widening gap between demand and supply. At present onion is not being supplied in the markets as per requirement.

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30 to 50% increase

According to a report by the Economic Times, onion prices have seen a 30 to 50 percent increase in recent days. The average price of onion in Lasalgaon mandi on Wednesday was Rs 2130 per quintal. Onion prices may increase to Rs 2250 per quintal by June 15. The fall in onion income in mandis has affected its prices. Also due to Bakrid festival the prices have increased. Let us tell you that traders are keeping stock in the hope of help from the government.

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Tomato and potato prices have also increased

According to a Times of India report, Lasalgaon Mandi used to receive 12 to 15,000 quintals of onions daily. Which has now reduced to 6,000 quintals. On one hand, farmers are busy with kharif crops. On the other hand, they are waiting for the lifting of the ban on onion export. Due to which the price has been affected during the last 4 days.

Some hope of relief by the end of July

After the election, people in Mumbai are worried about the increased prices of tomatoes, onions and potatoes. Due to excessive heat and unseasonal rains in some areas, this crop has been severely damaged. This has affected the supply. Traders are ruling out any relief till the end of July.

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