Pakistan may be out of T20 World Cup today, do-or-die match from 8 pm, also damaged by rain

New Delhi. Having lost two matches in a row in the T20 World Cup 2024, the Pakistan team is returning to the field today on June 9. It is do or die fight with Canada for Pakistan. Pakistan will have to win this match at any cost to survive in the World Cup. If Pakistan lose, the doors of Super-8 will be closed for them. Not only that. It rains almost every day in New York. Even if it rains and the match is called off, Pakistan’s journey will end in the group round itself.

A match between Pakistan and Canada is scheduled to be played on Tuesday at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York. The pitch here has proved to be a graveyard for the batsmen. However, Canada can boast that they have scored the highest in the 5 matches they have played so far. He scored 137 runs against Ireland, the highest score in a T20 World Cup at this ground. The average first innings score on this New York pitch is 106 and the average second innings score is just 104.

From the average score of the pitch it can be estimated that the match between Pakistan and Canada will not have a high score. Pakistan team has lost 2 out of 4 matches so far. Apart from India, he has faced defeat against America. Canadian fans will also be hoping that their team can pull off another upset by beating Pakistan. Team Canada has defeated Ireland. So his spirit will be high.

What Canada did in New York, even IND-PAK failed to do, the team set the record for the longest run chase.

Pakistan is in Group A of the current T20 World Cup. There are also teams from India, America, Canada and Ireland in this group. All teams have played two matches each. India, USA and Canada occupy the first three positions in the points table. This is followed by Pakistan at the fourth position and Ireland at the fifth position. The top 2 teams from the group will enter the Super 8. Currently, India and America are leading in this race.

If Pakistan wins, they will open their account in the points table.
Today, Tuesday, the third match between Pakistan and Canada will be played. If Pakistan wins this match, they will get 2 points in the points table and will be in the race for Super-8. If Pakistan lose or the match is abandoned, they will remain fourth in the points table. After this, even if he wins his fourth match, he won’t be in the top-2.

A victory will pave the way for the Super-8
Pakistan’s way to Super-8 is victory. Canada and Ireland have to be beaten first to advance to the Super-8. Also, we have to pray that America loses both its matches. But there is also a game here. Even if any of America’s matches are canceled due to rain, the Super-8 doors will be closed for Pakistan.

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