Pooja Bhatt’s statement on Manisha Rani’s dream of becoming a heroine, said- Making a reel is easy and making a 3 hour film is difficult.

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Pooja Bhatt and Manisha Ra were very good friends at the beginning of Bigg Boss OTT 2. But then gradually their friendship got strained and till the end there was no special bond between them. Many times both would stand opposite each other. Pooja also once said that Manisha Rani is not suitable to be the heroine. So recently when Pooja was asked about this, she praised Manisha but also said which habits of hers she did not like. Apart from this, Pooja also revealed why it is difficult for Manisha to become an actress.

Babika is more likeable
Actually Pooja was asked about Manisha Rani you said that she is not an actress. See, I loved Manisha and Babika from the beginning. Babyka is family to me. I will always have a relationship with him. I will never give a reason for this. It’s original and I like original people. Everyone was harassing him and even told me that you are supporting the wrong person. I asked not to be told this. When Babika and Manisha had a fight, I maintained a separate relationship with both of them.

Making a reel is easy, becoming an actress is difficult
Pooja said, ‘I liked Manisha very much. She was genuine, but then at the end she started playing mind games. As far as the heroine is concerned, you are an entertainer but not a lead. I don’t mind if someone makes her a heroine. See, there is a huge difference between an Instagram reel and a 3 hour film. It is difficult to entertain for 3 hours.

Talked about Abhishek
Abhishek and his brother feel that Pooja was favored. Pooja says Abhishek says this? For which all said that he would be highly favoured. Look, I don’t know Abhishek’s brother and he feels the makers have done him a favour, so you go and ask the makers why should I answer this? See, one of Abhishek’s strengths is that he gives you a lot of love in front, but when it comes to public platforms, he speaks differently. So let them say whatever they want to say about me or my father.

Questions raised on Abhishek
Pooja continued, ‘In the last 2-3 days of the show, Abhishek thanked me that if you were not in the house, the atmosphere in the house would not have been like this. Your aura is very strong and I want mine to be the same. After this he told everyone that it was fun when everyone’s parents came, but when Mahesh Bhatt came, the atmosphere in the house changed. So Abhishek makes such different statements. So when he says something, he reveals himself.


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