Pregnant from first husband, then fell in love with a man 44 years older, now divorced and mother of his 2 children!

Age difference of the couple: It is said that love happens only once in a lifetime. But there are some people who disprove this. These people have fallen in love not once but many times. There are many couples in the film industry who first married their childhood sweethearts, then divorced and married someone else. Today we are going to tell you about one such woman who got married to her childhood love at the age of 18. After living together for 5 years, she also became pregnant. But at the age of 22, she fell in love with an older man during her pregnancy. After getting divorced and leaving her husband, the woman is now married to an older man. The age difference between these two is also huge. There is a difference of 44 years between the two.

According to The Sun, 31-year-old Brittany Eurly was pregnant with her ex-husband’s child when she was 22. Meanwhile, she suddenly falls in love with an Air Force veteran. At age 75, Doug Euler was 66 at the time. He has 13 grandchildren, but that didn’t stop him from starting a family with a woman 44 years his junior. Because of the marriage, the couple, residents of Clear Lake, Minnesota, USA, faced criticism from family and strangers, but they claim it made them stronger.

“I got married at 18,” Brittany said. I married my boyfriend. In the year 2014, I was supposed to be the mother of his child, but nothing was going well between us. I was very sad. Then Doug came into my life, who supported me. Doug’s marriage was also not going well. I married Doug immediately after the divorce. Brittany said that we both shared the struggles of our first marriage with each other for about a year. I told Doug everything about me. When I was pregnant, Doug took care of me between jobs. Doug also revealed how he has been unhappy with his wife of 12 years. I was also saddened to hear Doug’s words.

As the pregnancy due date approached, we were getting closer, Brittany said. We were 44 years apart, I was 22 and Doug was 66. During that time, I learned that Doug had two children over 50, 6 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Despite this, I fell in love with Doug. Because my divorce process is not completed yet. In such situation we did not make our relationship public. In August 2015, Brittany gave birth to her son Avith and separated from her husband just 3 months later. His son is now 8 years old. Brittany further said that Doug was very supportive even during maternity leave. We would often go on long drives and Avit would fall asleep in the back. During this time I fell more in love with Doug.

After returning to the office as we both expressed our feelings to each other, Doug said that he too has been in love with me for a long time. We both decided to get married. However, it was very uncomfortable for both of us. We didn’t know how our families would take it, and we didn’t want our colleagues at the hospital to think we were having an affair. However, after overcoming all the difficulties, both of them got married in June 2016. Brittany’s family was very happy about this, but the others were not at all happy. People thought Brittany married Doug for money. In 2019, Brittany and Doug had a daughter, who is now five years old. At the same time, also in 2021, Brittany gave birth to Doug’s second daughter, who is now over 2 years old.

People understand, grandpa!
“We have a big age difference,” Brittany said. In such a situation, when we go out somewhere with our children, people think of Doug as their grandfather. Most people would try to understand the relationship between me and Doug. Many times people even made fun of him. Seeing Doug, people would say that grandpa is taking the grandkids out today! In such a situation, if Doug had told them that they were his children, they would have been even more humiliated and red. We understand that it was unusual for someone in the 70s to have young children. In such cases we have stopped responding to people.

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