Retail investors are the new kings of the stock market and are becoming trendsetters by buying at the right time.

New Delhi:

The Indian stock market has witnessed a tremendous boom in the last few years. The reason behind this is that the number of retail investors in the market has increased and they seem to be ahead of foreign institutional investors (FIIs) and other large investors. According to NSE data, retail investors on the day bought Rs. 8,588 crore, while FIIs and mutual funds sold Rs. had invested more than 10,000 crores.

On June 4, the day of Lok Sabha Election 2024 results, the Nifty fell 5.9 percent. During that period, retail investors received Rs. 21,178 crore bumper purchase. At the same time, on this day FIIs invested Rs. 12,511 crore and mutual funds Rs. 6,249 crores were sold.

On June 5, retail investors invested Rs. 3,006 crore was purchased. At the same time, by foreign investors Rs. 6,481 crore was sold. However, on this day Mutual Funds Rs. 2,672 crore had been invested.

Market experts say that the market saw a lot of ups and downs last week, but now it has to be understood that this bull market is being led by retail investors and HNIs (High Net Worth Individuals). Retail investors are easily buying sales made by FIIs. On June 4, retail investors raised Rs. 21,179 crore was purchased.

From this trend it seems that this trend will continue for a long time. The trend of SIP is also growing rapidly in India. The average monthly SIP figure has reached around Rs 20,000 crore.

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