Saas Numberi Bahu Das Numberi will release on television on this day, Kajal Raghwani revealed the date and time

New Delhi:

Saas Namri Bahu Dus Namri: Bhojpuri cinema has grown rapidly in the last few years, today Bhojpuri stars have their own fan following and people eagerly wait for their films. One such Bhojpuri film is going to be released on television soon, titled Saas Nambari Bahu Dus Namri. A few days ago, the trailer of this Bhojpuri film was released, which people liked a lot. After which now this film is getting television premium. In this film, people will see the fight between the mother-in-law and the son-in-law. Apart from this, the film’s actress Kajal Raghwani will also be seen in a different look.

Saas Nambari Bahu Dus Namari Bhojpuri Movie Trailer

Now this news is very happy for all those who were eagerly waiting for the release of the film. Kajal Raghwani also has a huge fan following in the Bhojpuri industry, so her fans are also waiting for this film for a long time. In the trailer of Saas Nambari Bhu Ten Nambari, it can be seen how the mother-in-law tortures her daughter-in-law and even puts chillies in her mouth. When the abuse of the mother-in-law becomes too much, finally the son-in-law shows his true form and says that if the mother-in-law is number one, then the son-in-law should pretend. Being number 10.

Kajal Raghwani, who is seen in the lead role in the film, announced when and where the film is being released. He said on his social media post that the world television premiere of the film will be held on Saturday, June 8 at 6 pm and Sunday, June 9 at 10 am. The film will be screened in Bhojpuri cinemas. Along with this, Kajal Raghwani has also shared the trailer of the film.

The trailer of this Kajal Raghwani film was released on 14 May. Which has been seen by millions of people till now. People who were waiting for a family film in Bhojpuri industry are most happy to see this trailer. At the same time, people seem very excited to see Kajal Raghwani’s explosive style. Currently, the film is going to air on TV, so its fans have to wait for just a few days.

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