Salman Khan once wanted to be like Govinda, became a fan on the first visit

Salman Khan has been ruling the film industry for many years. Whether his film does well at the box office or not, it does not diminish his stardom and earnings. Salman’s fan following is so big that Eid is often celebrated outside his home. But there was a time when Salman himself was a fan of this actor of the industry and wanted to be like him. The actor revealed this in one of his old interviews.

Salman was surprised to see Govinda’s performance

Salman Khan had said in an interview years ago that he wanted to be like Govinda. He first met Govinda when he himself was struggling. Govinda was a big name at that time and the actor was busy shooting for the film. Salman present on the set saw Govinda shooting this scene and became his fan. Dabangg Khan was so impressed with the actor’s personality and demeanor that he thought that if he could be even a little bit like Govinda, his life would be successful. For him, after Dilip Kumar, it was Govinda whose fans he considered his idol.

Salman called Govinda the best actor

In TV show Aapki Adalat, when viewers asked Salman Khan about his favorite actor, he named Dilip Kumar and Yusuf Saab. Salman said, ‘I find the two actors very attractive. One is our Yusuf Saab, Dilip Kumar. After that no good actor has come or will come in our generation and that is Govinda.

Govinda’s film partner

Let us tell you that Salman Khan and Govinda also did a partner film together which was a big hit. This was considered to be Govinda’s comeback hit. The actor also received an award for the film, after which he thanked the film’s producers Sohail Khan and Salman Khan for giving him the job.

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