Sameera Reddy was forced to undergo breast surgery in lieu of work

Actress Sameera Reddy, who did wonders in films like Race, is now enjoying an education different from her age. He is very active on social media and speaks openly on every issue. Sometimes bothered by body shaming and sometimes called fat, Sameera has accepted the reality. But while working in the industry he has also seen something that he recently shared with our partner website Hindustan Times. The actress revealed how at the peak of her career, people pressured her to undergo breast surgery.

Breast surgery

The actress said in a recent interview, ‘At the peak of my career, I was pressured to undergo breast surgery to get a job. Many people used to say to me ‘Samira, everyone is doing it, why not you?’ But I didn’t want to do anything like that inside myself. It felt like you were hiding something wrong. Such is life. I won’t judge anyone who wants to get plastic surgery and botox, but what works for me is taking care of myself from the inside out.

Don’t be shy about showing your age

Sameera went on to share how people tell her that she now feels happier and more comfortable in her own skin. The actress said that she looked beautiful at the age of 28. But at 45, he feels happy and relaxed. Sameera further said that when she was 40, her age was shown as 38 on the Internet. In such a situation, he immediately corrected his age.

Advice on using filters

Samira also revealed that when she entered the world of social media, she was told to use a filter. But the actress clarified that she will only show her real skin. This is his real identity for which he is grateful. The actress said that because of her 36-24-36 figure, she wants to stay in her original form.

Social media

Let us tell you that after staying away from films, Sameera is busy raising her two children. But videos of her accepting selfies are being liked on social media. Many celebrities also admire her courage and follow her on Instagram.

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