Shahzada Dhami cries while talking about YRKKH clash, director says – no one will call him ‘sir’

When the story of the TV serial ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ had a generation leap, the makers cast Shehzada Dhami in the role of Armaan Pauddar. The TRPs of the serial dropped a bit in the beginning, but over time the audience started liking this new story and its characters. Just when Shahzada won hearts with Dhami in the role of Armaan, the makers announced the removal of Shahzada and Pratiksha from the lead cast of the show. Actor Dhami remained silent about this for a long time, but now he has answered these questions in an interview.

The director didn’t like me

Shahzada Dhami in a conversation with Siddharth Kanan revealed what happened to the actors while they were shooting in Mahabaleshwar. The actor said that he has a habit of greeting the director before starting the shoot. Shahzada Dhami said he went up to the director and addressed him as ‘brother’ and asked how he was. The director in turn told him that he had 36 more important jobs and he did not have time for all of them. Prince Dhami got emotional while saying this.

This shocking incident happened on the shooting sets

Shahzada Dhami, who is part of the lead cast of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, said that he was shocked by this kind of behavior, but did not react. He said that one day when he was talking to a senior actor, a man from the production team came and told him that the shot was ready. He was about to leave when the senior actor requested him to wait for a while to complete his sentence. Recalling the incident, the actor recounted how the director came at him and shouted at him.

The director came and gave this threat

Shahzada Dhami said, “The director told me that he will call me only once and the next time he will blow me away.” Shahzada Dhami said that the director had also told the crew not to address me as ‘sir’. After this, people on the entire set started talking rudely to him. Currently, Rohit Purohit plays the role of Armaan Pauddar in the serial and since actress Pratiksha Honmukhe who played the role of Ruhi has also been eliminated, the role is now played by Garvita Sadhwani.

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