Shreyas Talpade starts working on a Marathi film. Seemed happy in new post, didn’t want to work for first 6 months

Mumbai. Shreyas Talpade’s film ‘Karatam Bhugatam’ is getting good response from the critics. Even after two weeks, the film is doing well at the box office. Shreyas and Vijay Raj’s acting has been praised. Shreyas is also thanking fans on social media. Shreyas is now active. He suffered a heart attack during the shooting of a film last year. Since then he has been on constant bed rest. Recently he said in an interview that he will not work in any film for the next 6 months.

But from Shreyas Talpade’s post it seems that it will start working very soon. He is going to work in Marathi films along with Bollywood. A day ago she shared a picture with a big Marathi actor. This actor’s name is Sankarshan Kanhade. Sankarshan tagged Shreyas in this post.

‘I won’t do it for 6 months…’ Shreyas Talpade’s second statement after raising questions on Covid vaccine

Sankarshan Kanhade wrote a post in Marathi which means Shreyas Sankarshan aka Yash Sameer (hit character pair) met yesterday after many days. Talked a lot. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of fun. You want to know what happened between us. What do you say Shreyas?” Sankarshan has also included two pictures in this post.

Shreyas Talpade and Sankarshan Kanhade are seen very happy in these pictures. As soon as this picture of Shreyas-Sankarshan came out, speculations have started that the two are going to work together once again. There are discussions in many Marathi news about the two working together. Fans were also seen praying for Shreyas’ health on the post.

Shreyas Talpade suffered a heart attack

Let us tell you that Shreyas suffered a heart attack on 14 December 2023. He fell in the house. He was admitted to the hospital and underwent angioplasty. He stayed in the hospital for a week, then was discharged. Shreyas said in an interview to PTI, “Right now there are some limitations as I am recovering. My doctors have said – 6 more months and you will be good as new. So, I will wait.”

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