Sridevi didn’t want Jhanvi to be like her, wanted to keep her away from films, dreamed of seeing her in this profession.

New Delhi. Jhanvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao are in the limelight these days for their film ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’. This film based on cricket is getting good response from the audience. Jhanvi Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao gave their lives in the promotion of this film which was released on May 31. In this regard, both these actors came to participate in the Netflix show ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ and Janhvi Kapoor revealed many unknown aspects of her life in a conversation with Kapil Sharma, the host of the show.

Jhanvi Kapoor told Kapil Sharma that her mother Sridevi wanted to keep her away from films despite being Bollywood’s first female superstar. Sridevi never wanted Jhanvi Kapoor to become an actress. She wanted to make him a doctor. The actress told Kapil Sharma that whenever she was getting ready and doing makeup as a child, her mother always told her that her dream was for her daughter to become a doctor.

Jhanvi continued, ‘Mother always wanted to keep me away from acting. She was trying to steer me away from this direction for many years, but I wanted to be an actress since childhood. According to him, he said that he wanted to play a doctor in a film to fulfill his mother’s dream.

Jhanvi confirms her relationship!
While participating in the show, the actress jokingly confirmed her relationship with rumored boyfriend Shikhar Pahadia. In fact, Kapil Sharma asked Jhanvi if she wants to marry someone from the industry or is she happy at the top she is in her life? In response to this, the actress smiled and pointed to her relationship and said that she is very happy.

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