The actor came to ask for the role wearing a suit, the director folded his hands, then did the tigdam, the film became a superhit.- CMB College

The actor came to ask for the role wearing a suit, the director folded his hands, then did the tigdam, the film became a superhit.

New Delhi. Bollywood actors work hard to settle into any role before doing it. Before playing any character, actors have to live that character, but the director refused to give the role to an actor in a suit and boots, then what happened that the actor accepted the role of a poor farmer in such a way that the confectioner refused to feed him and sent him away. Not only this, when this superstar of his time gave a 5 rupee note to a paan seller, he also did not believe that the note was genuine. After several checks, he gave the artist a cigarette in exchange for a 5 rupee note. Today let us tell you this story related to a superhit film.

Nowadays Bollywood fans know Aamir Khan as Mr. Perfectionist. It is said that before playing any role, Aamir Khan not only researches it hard but also lives the character in his real life, but one can hardly think that something like this would have happened 80 years ago. Today we are talking about the movie ‘Do Bigha Zameen’. The director of the film was looking for a hero and then an actor in a suit and boots arrived and demanded the lead role. The film was based on the background of agriculture. In such a situation, the director refused to give the film to the artist, then what happened was that the artist turned back and decided to cast him in the role of the film. This actor was none other than Balraj Sahni, a famous actor of his time.

When the director said this role is not for you…
Balraj Sahni himself was a Marxist thinker and an active member of the communist organization Ekta, he acted in many plays. Acting in dramas led him to meet assistant director Asit Sen and demanded a role in the film. Asit Sen was an assistant to famous director Vimal Roy at that time. Asit Sen introduced Balraj Sahni to Vimal Rai and asked him to play the lead role in the film Do Bigha Zameen, but Balraj Sahni came to the meeting wearing a suit and boots and the film was related to a farmer’s background. , so Vimal Rai rejected it. Refused the role. Vimal Rai said, ‘My assistant must have done something wrong. This role is absolutely not for someone like you. Regarding this, Balraj Sahni said that he played the role of Dharti Ke Lal during the drama On in IPTA. He is fully prepared to become a farmer. After this, on the persuasion of the film’s writers Salil Chaudhary and Asit Sen, Vimal Roy agreed to give him the role.

Why did you decide to move and live in the Jogeshwari area?
Balraj got the role, but now the test before him was how he could play the role of a 100 percent farmer. Then he decided to move to Jogeshwari area. Many farmers from eastern Uttar Pradesh and other areas come and live here. He also changed his clothes like farmers and laborers and started living among the people there.

The confectioner sent him away without giving him food
A few days later, Balraj had to go to Kolkata for the shooting of the film. There too he assumed the garb of a farmer and labourer. Not only this, he also pulled a hand rickshaw to correct some scenes in the film. During this period he also lost a significant amount of weight. Once during the shoot, Balraj felt hungry, so he went to a nearby sweet shop in a farmer’s getup and asked for food. The Hawaiians then became enraged and mistook them for labor and chased them away without giving them food.

When asked for cigarettes from panwala
When food was not available, Balraj approached a paan seller’s shop and asked for cigarettes. Panwala was very suspicious when he asked for a cigarette. Balraj understood his plight and took out a 5 rupee note and gave it to the pan seller. In the 1950s, the five rupee note was worth a lot. In this situation, Panwala checked the 5 rupee note several times to see if it was fake and finally when he found the note to be genuine, he gave the cigarette to Balraj.

Hero Shambhu Mahato’s character was considered the best
Balraj has written this entire story in his biography ‘Meri Filmi Autobiography’ that the hero of ‘Do Bigha Zameen’ Shambhu Mahato was the best character of my life. Nirupa Roy also acted brilliantly in this film along with Balraj.

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