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The bridegroom who was to come on a mare… rode strangely; The family members were surprised

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Viral Wedding Video: These days, event managers organize special functions like weddings. Couples do many types of planning to make their wedding event special. Some brides and grooms come up with such proposals that their families are surprised to know about them. Special arrangements are made especially for the entry of the bride and groom. A unique and unique arrangement has been made for this special moment. Videos related to such weddings are going viral on social media every day. Recently, the video of the groom coming to the wedding hall in a unique fashion is going viral on social media. After watching this video, social media users are commenting that they have never seen such an entry in a wedding before.

A video is going viral on social media. This video has been prepared showing the wedding ceremony. Relatives, friends and close relatives are seen arriving there. Relatives of the bride also arrived. Everyone is waiting for the arrival of the groom. Meanwhile, when the groom reached the wedding hall, everyone was surprised. Everyone was wondering if he would come on a horse or in a car… but he came on a toy horse.

As for the video that is going viral, the groom is seen happily riding the battery-powered toy horse like a child. While some people bring umbrellas for them, others reach the mandap sprinkling rose water and bursting firecrackers. Once inside, the groom takes a few rounds like a small child on the same toy horse.

Meanwhile the groom looks very happy. Meanwhile, this video is going viral on social media. Social media users are reacting to this video in different ways. Some people said, “Didn’t he ride a toy horse when he was a child?” Another user wrote, “The groom who fulfilled his childhood wish on his wedding day.” As of this writing, the video has received over 1 lakh views.

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