The international media praised the successful organization of the G-20 summit, calling it a diplomatic victory for the PM.

Washington/London: The international media has praised India for successfully hosting the G-20 summit and hailed the outcome as a diplomatic victory for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is emphasizing increasing the country’s influence on the global stage. India managed to build an unexpected consensus among the G20 countries on the controversial Ukraine war through a series of wide-ranging talks with emerging economies like Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia, leading to an agreement on the ‘New Delhi Summit Declaration’ for the first time. Summit day. played a leading role in reaching

“Some experts saw the agreement as a victory for Russia, while others hailed it as a victory for the West,” the Associated Press said in an article titled ‘Agreement between divided global powers at G20 summit’, a diplomatic victory for Modi. But, most experts agree that this is a foreign policy victory for Prime Minister Modi as he emphasizes on increasing India’s influence on the global stage.

Bloomberg said the G-20 has strengthened the Indian Prime Minister’s position as a global leader. Journalist John Reid said in his article in the Financial Times, “I think it is an undeniable victory for India and Modi personally.”

An article in the French-language Swiss newspaper ‘Le Temps’ said the entry of the African Union into the G20 was a significant diplomatic victory for Modi. Gulf News wrote, “For India, the G20 presidency has underlined the country’s growing role in multilateral diplomacy and has emerged as a voice that must be heard.”

An article by an Indian professor published in the English language newspaper ‘China Daily’ emphasizes that India has set many new standards during its G20 presidency. Foreign publications like ‘The Guardian’, ‘Politico’ and ‘Newsweek’ have also published articles in this regard.

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