The passenger shivered due to the cold in the AC coach, threw the blanket and shouted in the coach and made strange announcements.

People are often seen having fun while travelling. More and more such videos are coming on social media, which leaves one amazed and also brings a beautiful smile on the face. Not long ago, girls were seen dancing in train coaches, sometimes people were seen fighting for seats. Recently, one such funny video is going viral and grabbing people’s attention, seeing which you will also start laughing. In the video, a young man covered in a blanket is seen making strange advertisements in the train coach.

Weird Advertisement in Train (Viral Video of Train)

It can be seen in the video that even the passengers could not stop laughing after hearing the young man’s unique announcement. Meanwhile, some are seen making videos and some are seen having fun. In the video, a young man is seen demanding the railway staff to turn off the air conditioner due to the strong cooling effect of the AC, but meanwhile the young man’s style remains very strong, which is being loved by the people.

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People had fun (AC Coach Viral Video)

The video has been shared on social media platform X by an account named @ChapraZila. While sharing the video, the caption read, ‘Turn off the AC quickly, you are dying of cold.’ The video, which was shared on June 1, has so far been viewed by more than 4 lakh 33 thousand people. However, it has not been confirmed when and on which train the incident was filmed. A person who watched this video of only 10 seconds wrote, People are going to Manali due to cold and bro, kulfi is being consumed.

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