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The South superstar was to make a comeback in Bollywood with ‘Ghatak’, the posters were printed, then Sunny Deol’s entry and…

New Delhi. Be it Bollywood or South films, you have often heard that the makers wanted to cast that star in the film, but it didn’t work out. So there is no telling when whose luck will open and which film will slip out of whose hands. There are many Bollywood films for which the makers had to change their decision. One of those films was the 1996 film ‘Khatak’. This is the film that made Sunny Deol sleepless. But before this film, Sunny, a South superstar, was going to debut in Bollywood. The preparations were also completed, but then something happened that the South superstar dropped out of the film and Sunny Deol entered the film.

In 1996, on 15th November i.e. on this day, Rajkumar Santoshi came up with the film Ghatak. Due to the story line, this film was liked by the audience. The film is Rs. It became the fourth highest grossing film of the year with a business of 44 crores. The film was nothing short of a jackpot for Sunny Deol, who slipped through his hands and how the film brightened Sunny’s fortune, let us tell you…

Kamal Haasan posters were printed
In fact, Rajkumar Santoshi had earlier cast South superstar Kamal Haasan for the role of Kashinath for the film ‘Ghatak’. ‘Ghatak’ was being called Kamal Haasan’s comeback in Bollywood. After casting Kamal Haasan for Ghatak, Rajkumar Santoshi also released the posters. On which was written ‘Welcome Back to Hindi Screen’ and it was also announced in front of the media that the hero of the film would be Kamal Haasan, but for some reason the actor refused to act in ‘Hatak’.

Sunny Deol’s film ‘Ghatak’ was a superhit at the box office. Sunny Deol made a great comeback with this film.

Rajkumar Rao convinced Sunny Deol for the film
After this, Rajkumar Santoshi spoke to Sunny Deol for ‘Khatak’ and he agreed for the film. Apart from Sunny Deol, the film also starred Meenakshi Seshadri and Amrish Puri, who won a lot of praise for their roles. Some changes were also made in the script which suited Sunny Deol. Danny Danzongpa played the role of the villain Katya in the film, which received a lot of praise from the public.

Kamal Haasan rejected many films
Kamal Haasan has rejected many Hindi films before. Subhash Ghai approached the actor for the film ‘Hero’, but due to lack of dates he could not be a part of the film and Jackie Shroff’s fate was out of the question. Apart from this Kamal Haasan signed ‘Joshile’ but later he walked out of the film and then Anil Kapoor became the hero in the film.

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