These pictures of Urfi Javed are shocking, revealing what a terrible problem the actress is going through

Actress aka Javed, who frequently makes headlines for her unusual outfits, left people thinking with a social media post on Monday. For quite some time, Urfi Javed had been receiving comments about her fillers. People were commenting on her pictures and videos that the actress uses implants and fillers in an attempt to look beautiful. But people were shocked by what Urfi Javed showed in the pictures in his latest post.

Urfi Javed told what is his illness

Urfi Javed has posted some pictures of her in which her face looks very swollen. Spots appear on his eyes and cheeks. While posting the pictures, the actress captioned it, “I’ve been getting so many comments about my face that I’ve gone too far with my fillers. I have severe allergies. My face is swollen most of the time.” “I wake up.” Like this every other day, and I’m always in so much pain.”

Urfi Javed wrote – I am undergoing treatment

The actress has said in her post that what is seen on her face in the pictures is not filler but an allergy. Urfi Javed wrote in his post that he is undergoing immunotherapy but next time you see me with a swollen face, just know that I am going through my allergy days. Speaking openly in front of fans, the actress wrote – I have done nothing but my usual fillers and botox, which I have been taking since I was 18.

Followers got emotional in the comment section

Bigg Boss OTT aka Javed wrote that the next time you see my face swollen, don’t advise me not to get fillers, just have some sympathy for me. People were seen in the comments section expressing their condolences for Urfi. “I have never met a more honest person in media,” wrote one social media user. While another wrote, “God bless you. Ignore negativity girl.” A user wrote – felt bad to know. Please save yourselves.

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