This bank launched the facility to easily withdraw money from ATMs through UPI

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UPI ATM: Public sector Bank of Baroda has launched UPI ATM facility at nearly 6,000 of its ATMs across the country. The bank announced this on Friday. According to a statement issued by Bank of Baroda, it is the first public sector bank in the country to launch a UPI ATM operated by NCR Corporation in coordination with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

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The bank said customers of its and other banks can withdraw cash from Bank of Baroda UPI ATMs without using their debit cards through a UPI-enabled mobile app. According to the statement, UPI ATMs enable QR-based seamless cash withdrawal through Interoperable Cardless Cash Withdrawal (ICCW) technology, which does not require a card to withdraw cash.

One of the major advantages of the UPI ATM facility is that it allows customers to withdraw cash from various UPI-linked accounts.

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