This suspenseful film will give you sleepless nights, crores of rupees were spent on this film in 2018, it is available on Amazon Prime.

New Delhi. Although many horror films have been made in the industry till now, but in the year 2018, one such horror film was released which gave goosebumps to the audience. This film proved to be a big hit of the year 2018. The unique horror of this film also made the makers rich. Find out which movie it was.

The story and characters of this film, which created a sensation at the box office in the year 2018, won the hearts of people so much that even today, whenever horror films are mentioned, the name of this film definitely comes up. The film manages to keep you glued to your seat from start to finish. The unique horror of the film proves successful in scaring people. Even today people get shivers after watching this film.

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Big Hit of 2018
Even today people praise the director for his excellent direction of this film. That film is none other than ‘Tumbaad’ starring Soham Shah. Seeing the deep mystery of Tumbad depicted in the story of this film, people could not believe the director’s ability. This turned out to be a big hit of 2018.

There was also a demand to send him for Oscar
The horror of the film ‘Tumbad’ released in the year 2018 was in much discussion. The film was as interesting as it was scary. The story, dialogue, script and music of this film were successful in winning the hearts of people. The craze of this film was such that there was a demand to send it for Oscar. You can watch the 104-minute film on Amazon Prime Video with an 8.2 rating on IMDb.

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