This was done by secret agents who had come under the protection of the American president's granddaughter- CMB College

This was done by secret agents who had come under the protection of the American president’s granddaughter

Washington. The case of a big mistake in the security of US President Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi (29) has come to light. Here the incident of breaking the window of his SUV vehicle has come to light. She was in Georgetown and her car was parked in a parking lot when three men tried to break her window. However, the agents guarding Naomi then opened fire, causing the thugs to flee in a red car. Naomi made history by marrying Peter Neill at the White House in November 2022 as she became the first bride to tie the knot on the South Lawn.

Police and intelligence agencies are investigating the matter. No one was injured in the shooting and no one was injured, a police official said on condition of anonymity. The police officer said that the incident took place late Sunday night in Georgetown and the miscreants fled the spot immediately, but a search is on for them. The Metropolitan Police are looking for the red car. An investigation has been started through several CCTV cameras in the vicinity.

Miscreants were trying to break into the car
He said the window of an SUV parked in an empty parking lot was damaged, but the miscreants could not get into it. Police suspect that this may also be a case of attempted vehicle theft. Carjackings and car thefts have increased in Washington this year. Police have reported more than 750 carjackings and more than 6,000 stolen vehicles in the district this year.

The incidents of car theft are increasing rapidly
Notably, US Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas was held hostage near the Capitol last month by three armed assailants, who stole his car but did not physically harm him. At the same time, violent crime is also on the rise in Washington, up more than 40% from last year. In February, U.S. Representative Angie Craig of Minnesota was attacked in her apartment building.

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