Threat to grants to 1068 aided junior schools in the state

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The grant of 1068 aided junior high schools in the state is under threat. According to a report by the U-DISE portal, the number of students in classes six to eight in these schools is less than 100 in the 2023-24 academic session. While in the grant list released on 7 September 2006, they were included on the condition that the number of students was not less than 105 for three years. Director of Basic Education Pratap Singh Baghel has directed the Basic Education Officers to ensure increase in the number of students by sending a list of such schools. If the number of students does not increase, the grant can also be removed from the list.

46 schools in Sangamnagar have less than 100 students.
46 schools in Prayagraj have less than 100 students. The names of 71 districts including Mauni 56, Azamgarh 43, Deoria 35, Agra 31, Ambedkar Nagar and Auraiya 33, Ballia 30, Varanasi 26, Aligarh 9 and Amethi 6 are named. There are only four districts where the number of students in schools is more than 100.

Many schools have less than 10 children, some have zero.
Many schools in various districts of the state have less than ten children. There are some schools where there are more teachers than students. For example, Upper Primary School Budhau Baba Pre Secondary School Cholapur Varanasi has one student and two teachers. Four students are enrolled in Narayan Montessori School Misrikh Sitapur, seven in Jai Hind Junior High School Nagal Saharanpur, one in Sarvodaya Junior High School Satna Rae Bareli. Girls Junior High School Rasoolpur in Prayagraj and Lal Surya Pratap Higher Primary School, Kaurihar have zero enrollment.

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