Two kids in school dress happily hugging each other, watching the video will remind you of your childhood.

Two children in school dress happily hugging each other

Childhood is the part of our life in which we have the most fun and games. Children at this age have no intelligence or intelligence and are very innocent. Anyone who meets him and talks to him lovingly also begins to love him. Children make everyone their friend and are willing to do anything for their friend. Perhaps this is the reason why we understand the true meaning of friendship only when we grow up. Such videos often go viral on social media, reminding us of our childhood and childhood friends.

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One such video is currently going viral on social media, seeing which people remembered their childhood. In this video, two children are seen going to school in dresses. Looking at them, it is clear that these children must be returning home from school. Both the children are walking along the road very happily with their hands around each other’s necks. Next you will notice that as soon as the children see the person shooting the video, they ignore him and move on. This simplicity of children and their friendliness is winning people’s hearts.

Watch the video:

This video is from Gangtok, Sikkim. This video was shared on Instagram by an account called your_foodspot_. This video has been viewed more than 26 lakh times. People are commenting a lot on this video. One user wrote – We will never live this again. Another wrote- This is not just a video, but a good start to every beautiful story. What do you think about this video? Let us know by commenting.

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