UPSC CSE: Who Shouldn’t Take IAS Exam, Know What Vijendra Singh Chauhan Says

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Vijendra Singh Chauhan is a very well-known face in the world of UPSC Civil Services Exam Mock Interviews. You may have seen him frequently in UPSC mock interview reels and short videos that went viral on social media. Vijendra Singh Chauhan, Associate Professor of Hindi at Zakir Hussain College, University of Delhi and one of the Drishti IAS Mock Interview Board panel members, recently said in an interview which youngsters should not take the UPSC Civil Services exam. In response to this question, he said, ‘A craze has developed in our Indian society regarding the IAS exam and this is not a healthy thing. If you are a male living in the major Hindi belt states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh or Bihar, then basically you should not take this exam.

He said, ‘The structure of this Hindi patta is such that it is of a feudal type, here the post obtained through examination is seen as a royal, feudal or imperial post which is not a proper interpretation of the IAS post. The reasons why they are taking this test are not healthy. If you are from these areas and thought of becoming an IAS, scold yourself first. Ask yourself if this society is forcing you to take UPSC exam.

Vijendra Singh Chauhan said in an interview to the Uncut YouTube channel, ‘Think about it, if you’re taking the UPSC exam because your father couldn’t make it, so you have to, there’s a neighborhood fight and you have to fix it. That, if someone in the village has taken possession of the land you have to take it back, these are wrong reasons, you should not take this exam. And vice versa, if you are a girl from these Hindi belt areas then you should give this exam. Even if a girl does not succeed in this exam, there will be many positive changes in her life and she will achieve a lot.

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He said, ‘What I mean is that this line should not fall because of feudal thinking. This is not healthy for democracy, society and your state of mind. One should not follow the wishes of the society. You should understand why society wants youth to prepare for IS for 10-11 years, a job that will last only 30 years. It also consists of field work for the first 10 years, followed by burying in files in the secretariat, which is like normal work. So my advice is if you don’t have free will then rethink your decision. If UPSC is your free will then you should come here. This does not apply to other fields. As such it will not apply to the youth of Uttarakhand, all girls or the deprived and marginalized sections. This also does not apply to classes that are under-represented in the system.

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